About us

The Story

Our grandmothers used to clarifying butter to keep it at ambient temperature and they knews clarified butter’s virtues.

Straight out of the past, clarified butter is a bit outdated but not obsolete at all ! This is the reason why today, at High Garden, we choose to clarify an organic churn butter to preserve our bodies in time !

Home made clarified butter and we are doing it in family, just mother & daughter.

By the way, it’s during a “women trip” in India that we opened our Pandora’s box: the Ayurveda. Over meetings and Indian’s lifestyle, we were leaded to ghee or clarified butter, which is a flagship food over the world.
Our story is building itself with awesome adventures and a lifestyle that we discovered.

Mother & Daughter Team

Marie-Laure, the mom, built her career in food industry during around twenty years. Today she is giving entrepreneurship and transmits her experience to her daughter Morgane.

Morgane, after her studies in economy, philosophy and herbalist, decide to join her passions in the creation of High Garden.

Our values

They are simple. In a world where everything is going faster and faster, where all our senses are constantly stimulate, let’s take time and focus on what’s the essential.

  • Authenticity
  • Kindness
  • Family
  • Organic
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