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Our commitments

Precision & Excellence

We’ve always been sensitive about nutrition and we are helped, in our adventure, by Isabelle Pillon, doctor in Pharmacy and micro-nutritionist.
“Clarified butter or ghee is a classical butter from what we’ve retired water, lactose and proteins to keep only the purest fat content. It’s then less harmful than the traditional butter. It can support the highest temperatures, about 200° against 130° for the classical butter. This chemical structure is more stable. Free from lactose, it can be adapted to “lactose-free diet”. However, it’s important to be vigilant to its regularly used for people suffering a high blood pressure or obesity. Ghee is used in Ayurvedic medicine for a lot of benefits. Its delicious taste and its nutritional benefits are making it a delicate alternative of butter and vegetable oil.”

Home made, Local & Organic

With love and by hands, we clarify our butter with music to bring you all its benefits.
We’ve chosen with kindness local suppliers: our butter, our containers, our spices, our printer.
The organic is not a trend but a requirement for us.
We are certified FR-BIO-15.

Kindness & Sharing

Knowledge isn’t designed to be jealously kept.
We are committed to share the wonderful things that we’ve learned. For that we organize often workshop, and to know when happen those workshops you must follow us.


These beautiful containers are, of course, consigned in the stores where we are present.

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