What you have to know

    Ghee or clarified butter can holds high temperature.

It’s an ancient rediscovered product, flagship of Ayurvedic cooking and healthy ally.


Delivery by Colissimo 48-72 h at home or by Mondial Relay 72h.

With Mondial Relay, a unique shipping cost for any order.

With Colissimo, shipping costs are computed from the weight of the order.

  • Up to 750 grams, maximum corresponds to sending 3 small pots or 1 large pot
  • Up to 1 kilo, maximum corresponds to sending 4 small pots or 2 larpe pots
  • Up to 2 kilos, maximum corresponds to sending 8 small pots or 3 large pots
  • Up to 5 kilos, maximum corresponds to sending 21 small pots or 11 large pots
  • Up to 10 kilos, corresponds to the maximum of 40 small pots or 20 large pots


Delay In delivery or other questions, contact us at contact@highgarden.fr

Storage & Preservation

Preservation: at an ambient temperature and away from sunshine
A clean spoon for every use
Aging: the smell change after 3 months but the test is better
Extended aging: in a fresh and dark cellar


Zero transfer because of the glass containers
Consigned in the different stores where we are present

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