Clarified butter Highee



Nutritional facts for 100 gr :
Calories : 897
Total fat : 99 gr
Saturated fat : 70 gr
Polyunsaturated fat : 70 gr
Monounsaturated fat : 25 gr
Total Carb : 0 gr with sugar 0 gr
Protein : 0 gr
Salt : 0 gr

Ingredients : 100% organic clarified* butter
*Product issue from the organic agriculture.


Long time forgotten, clarified butter has always been part of our lives. Our grandmothers used to clarify the butter to preserve it because it has then to be keep at an ambient temperature and protected from the sun. Without lactose, casein and without water, clarified butter is used by chief because he doesn’t burn while cooking. It will go perfectly with the cooking of all your meats, fishes or vegetables.

In India we can find it under the name of Ghee. It’s one of the ingredients the most known in the Indian Cuisine or in the Ayurveda: he has the reputation to be good for the health.

Benefits of the Ghee :

  • It improves digestion
  • It rebalances the ratio bad and good cholesterol
  • It strengthens the immunity
  • It reduces inflammation, infections and rheumatic pain
  • It increases the assets of the spices mixed with it
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150 g, 50 g

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